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Redfoot Levelling - The underside of a truck with a tire on it.
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Redfoot Levelling - The underside of a truck with a set of wheels on it.
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Redfoot Levelling - A truck with a hydraulic jack attached to it.

Medium/Heavy Ridged Vehicles

Customised levelling solutions suitable for Medium and Heavy Ridged chassis such as Buses and Trucks.  We can design Levelling kits that suit most chassis types known as our RedFoot Levelling ‘MAXI’ series.

Most advanced levelling solution on the road today!



RedFoot Levelling has proven reliability with over a thousand vehicles using our RedFoot Levelling systems across Australia and New Zealand. We have years of experience in providing Levelling solutions to our manufactures of Emergency response, Communications, Medical, Dental, Education, Police, Mining, Food catering, Military and Commercial vehicles. Supporting these vehicles is our network of aftermarket Authorised Installers with over 60 Installer/Dealers across Australia. 

For Medium to Heavy Ridged chassis such as Buses and Trucks, we provide larger Levelling kits that are known as our RedFoot Levelling ‘MAXI’ series. The Redfoot levelling MAXI systems have a huge lifting capacity of 28tonne. Common Chassis we provide ‘off the shelf’ RedFoot Levelling Maxi Kits are; Hino, Ive

co, Denning, Scania, Volvo, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, MAN, BCI and Austral to name a few. Whatever the size, weight and 

clearance requirement for Specialty Vehicle we can provide a solution. All RedFoot Levelling MAXI system includes:

      1. Weld on type brackets that are engineered and designed specifically to facilitate an easy installation of the hydraulic cylinders to the Chassis. (*Weld on brackets may not always be required on some chassis installations)
      2.  A powerful 12-volt or 24-volt Hydraulic Pump to power all 4 cylinders inextend and retract modes
      3.  Four large 18” or 24” stroke custom designed hydraulic 3” bore cylinders that have been matched to suit the height variations of the chassis rail. (*Larger or smaller cylinder sizes can be provided depending on the vehicle requirements)
      4. Eight customised hydraulic hoses and connectors that facilitate the flexible placement of the hydraulic pump pack.
      5. Custom bolts and fittings that allow perfect alignment of all systems parts when installing.

In addition all RedFoot Levelling MAXI systems (12-volt only) come with;

      • RedFoot Levelling ‘EQ Smart Level’ control keypad
      • All in one large hydraulic pump, manifold and tank reservoir
      • Plug’ n’ Play harness and hoses for easy connection
      • All the necessary mounting brackets if required and hardware fittings
      • Built in Bluetooth capability for remote operation with multiple smart devices (12-volt only)


The RedFoot Levelling MAXI system can be compatible with both iPhone and Android smart phone devices. (12-volt systems only)

This leading technology is the industry’s new standard and it has changed the way we level mobile vehicles. The RedFoot ‘EQ Smart Level’ allows you to level the vehicle with a smart device by using built-in Bluetooth capability.  The automatic, one touch operation levels your vehicle in less than two minutes.

The RedFoot ‘EQ Smart Level’ has a patented sequential leveling program that provides a more precise level throughout the length of the vehicle, adding extra stability to the vehicle while maintaining its position as low to the ground as possible. It is quick, easy and simple to operate!


Check out these benefits of the RedFoot Levelling MAXI System:

  • One touch, push button Auto-Level operation
  • Prevents vehicle rocking and motion
  • Huge 12”x 12” foot pad to reduce sinking
  • Simple plug and play wiring installation
  • Reduced levelling time, less than 2 minutes
  • Huge lifting capacity up to 28 ton and the approx. system weight between is only 95-135kg
  • One Large 12volt or 24volt pump pack operates all cylinders
  • Bluetooth capability for one touch remote Smart Level operation (12-volt only)
  • Adjustable ‘null setting’ feature, ensures levelling to the operators desired level position
  • Audible and visual notification prompts to alert users when leveling is in progress and complete
  • Auto ‘All Retract’ feature so you can’t drive away while your cylinders are extended or planted
  • Emergency manual retract capability for ‘no power’ emergency situations

It is no wonder the RedFoot Levelling MAXI System has quickly become the number one choice for Heavy Ridged Class, Bus and Truck chassis users. Utilising four double acting hydraulic cylinders, the RedFoot Levelling MAXI system can extend and retract the cylinders during any levelling sequence. The automatic, one touch operation levels the Vehicle in less than two minutes, operating each cylinder independently in a sequential process.


Choosing a custom Redfoot Levelling system is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1. Determine Manufacturer including the GVM weight.
Step 2. Determine the type of chassis and measure the underfloor to ground clearance behind each axle as shown in the diagram below:
Step 3. Fill out the [ps2id url=’#contact’]contact form[/ps2id] below so we can assist you with a quote and recommendation.



Investing in a RedFoot Levelling MAXI system will bring years of added enjoyment and improved lifestyle with your mobile Vehicle. In addition to the system prices will have freight costs that will depend on where you live, but generally ranges between $100 to $150. The RedFoot Levelling MAXI systems are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging that is boxed and placed on a skid (half pallet). This ensures every system is well protected during shipping.

The RedFoot Levelling MAXI system can be DIY installed provided there is a high level of mechanical skill and access to a mechanical workshop with a suitable hoist. We provide a comprehensive installation manual to assist in the fitment process.

We highly recommend the installation to be done by one of our RedFoot Levelling Authorised installers. We have over 60+ RedFoot Levelling installers across Australia that can assist making your concern of installation distant memory.  Installation costs can range from $3000 at the low end and up to $4000 at the high end, sometime higher depending on the complexity of your chassis and body builders guide lines requirements. The reason for this variation range is; firstly different installers have different cost structures depending on their workshop rental costs and over heads, sometime influenced by their location. Secondly not all installations are the same, for example the location of the hydraulic pump pack can be installed in an existing storage compartment. This would be the most cost effective for installation, however if the owner does not want the pump pack located in a storage compartment then it can be located between the chassis. This change will require extra work to fabricate a customized mounting bracket and protective cover and accordingly leading to extra costs. Best thing is to talk with your installer about the installation cost.

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