Redfoot Levelling - Redfoot Motorhome Pads leveling kit with outrigger pads for sale.
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Redfoot Levelling - A redfoot leveling box is shown with measurements.
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motorhome pads
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redfoot motorhome pads pole
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Redfoot Motorhome Pads

Redfoot Motorhome pads increase your footprint and makes your motorhome feel more stable on a wide variety of terrains including grass, mud, sand, and gravel.

They also protect your metal feet from scrapes, bends and in turn protect man-made surfaces like concrete and asphalt from the metal hydraulic cylinder feet.

Non Corrosive, Unbreakable, Polyethylene Plastic Motorhome pads.

Each set of 4 pads comes with an all-weather storage bag and a high-quality telescopic utility pole for placement and retrieval. On sale and great value at only $295.



The Redfoot Motorhome pads are designed and engineered by using recycled UHMWPE (Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene). This material provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio, much stronger than the timbers commonly used to support large Motorhome weights.

These heavy duty but light weight pads provide a greater non-slip surface area for absorbing heavy loads whilst minimising movement and sinking. The Redfoot Motorhome pads come with two stow away all weather proof bags, making it easy to store and carry while in use.

The Redfoot Motorhome pads also includes is the unique designed Redfoot Placement Utility Pole. This pole is light weight, easy to grip and has 3 stages of extension reaching a huge 180 cm. This takes away the back bending work of having to crawl underneath your Motorhome when placing or retrieving your Motorhome pads.

In addition to these custom designed features all Redfoot Motorhome Pads:

laughing    Don’t absorb moisture and won’t swell up over time due to exposed outdoor environments.

smile    Have high impact intensity, and will not lose their impact strength over time, so bending or breaking under extreme loads.

surprised    Will not rot, crack, splinter, or absorb moisture.

cool   Are amazingly light weight and easier to position and retrieve than wood blocks.

wink   Have a non-stick surface, easy to clean.

money-mouth   Are corrosion, oil and chemical resistant.


Pad Dimensions:

Diameter: 30 cm

Height: 3cm

Weight: 2.0 kg (per pad)

Max Load Limit: 4500 kg (per pad)

All weather storage bag capacity: 4 Pads

3 stage telescopic pole dimensions:

Retracted: 70 cm

Extended: 180 cm

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