Redfoot Levelling - A white rv with Redfoot Levelling Fiat 'AutoLift' System on a white background.
Redfoot Levelling - A red RV with the Redfoot Levelling Fiat 'AutoLift' System parked on a dirt road.
Redfoot Levelling - A white RV utilizing the Redfoot Levelling Fiat ‘AutoLift’ System parked on a grassy field.
Redfoot Levelling - The underside of a Fiat vehicle with the Redfoot Levelling Fiat 'AutoLift' System.
Redfoot Levelling - The underside of a truck with a Redfoot Levelling Fiat ‘AutoLift’ System.
Redfoot Levelling - A door handle with a red light on it using the Redfoot Levelling Fiat 'AutoLift' System.
Redfoot Levelling - The underside of a Fiat car with an exhaust pipe and Redfoot Levelling Fiat ‘AutoLift’ System.
Redfoot Levelling - A set of Redfoot Levelling Fiat 'AutoLift' System wires and cables used in the Fiat AutoLift System.
Redfoot Levelling - The underside of a car featuring the Redfoot Levelling Fiat ‘AutoLift’ System.

Redfoot Levelling Fiat ‘AutoLift’ System

Custom designed solutions for all Fiat Ducato based Motorhomes

Most advanced levelling solution on the road today!

For installation costs refer to our installation section below.
Leaves warehouse in 1-2 business days, see delivery information.

Because the Earth is not flat…



The Redfoot Fiat AutoLift Levelling solutions are custom designed for your Fiat Ducato Motorhome. Redfoot have done all the work for you. By custom designed we mean the Redfoot Fiat AutoLift Levelling systems include:

1. Custom Brackets that are designed specifically to facilitate the easy attachment of the power jacks to the Fiat Ducato Chassis. No welding required!
2. Custom Designed pre-wired harnessed control box that connects to each powered jack, auxillary battery and keypad panel.
3. Four Custom Designed powered jacks that mechanically retract into the horizontal position while travelling, maximising your undercarriage clearance.
4. Each Powered Jack can be adjusted by using the custom designed extender spacers provided. Making any height variables acheiveable.
5. Custom Bolt sets that facilitate perfect alignment of all systems parts

In addition to these custom designed features, all Redfoot Fiat Ducato Levelling systems come with:

• Redfoot AutoLift Keypad control panel
• Complete with manual override operation
• All required harnesses and connector terminals
• 4 stabiliser pads and placement and retrieve pole
• Includes RF Remote Control for basic functions


The Redfoot Fiat AutoLift Levelling Systems allow you to ‘Auto Level’ and ‘All Retract’ the jacks using the Remote Control keypad.

This is the industry’s new standard and it has changed the way leveling is done. Redfoot AutoLift levelling system allows you to level your Fiat Ducato motorhome by using the automatic one touch operation button, levelling your motorhome in less than two minutes.

This sequential leveling is a patented process that provides a more precise level throughout the length of the vehicle, adding stability to the vehicle while leveling it as low to the ground as possible. It is quick, easy and on the level!


fiat motorhome

Check out these benefits of the Redfoot Fiat Ducato AutoLift Levelling System:

• One touch, push button Auto-Level operation
• Prevents vehicle rocking and motion
• 4x included stabiliser pads to prevent sinking
• Simple plug and play wiring installation
• Reduces levelling time
• Huge lifting capacity up to 6 ton and a system weight of only 63kg
• One push button ‘All – Retract’ feature
• Remote Radio Frequency operation
• Auto level display panel
• Audible and visual prompts notify user when levelling is in progress and complete
• Stow legs quickly and easily
• Standard with manual override

It is no wonder the Redfoot AutoLift Levelling System has quickly become the number one choice for Fiat Ducato Owners.  The automatic, one touch operation levels a Fiat motorhome in less than two minutes, operating each leg independently in a sequential process.


Fiat Ducato Motorhomes in Australia can come in many different models and configurations. When selecting a levelling system for your Fiat Ducato Motorhome the first requirement is the ‘year of manufacture’ and ‘model idendifaction’. Fiat Ducato common models by manufactured dates are detailed below. Check your compliance plate if you are unsure.

Vehicles built prior to 2007 = (model 244)

Vehicles built between 2007 to 2014 = (model X250)

Vehicles built from 2015 to present = (model X290)

The second requirement is to know what chassis type you have. Fiat Ducato Motorhomes are imported either with a Fiat ‘CCS Cab’ chassis or an ‘AL-KO’ attached chassis. See the two pictures below to know how you can identify the difference.


Fiat AL-KO chassis     Fiat CCS Cab chassis


The third requirement is to know if you have enough under chassis to ground clearance. The minimum under chassis to ground clearance required is 340mm, this is particularaly important for the front jack’s location, which affix under the vehicles cab chassis rail. If this is not achieved then the vehicle will require a suspension upgrade, but don’t be too concerned as this can be accommodated prior to the installation of the AutoLift system for a small fee.

The rear under chassis to ground measurement also requires clearance of more than 340mm, this applies ONLY to Fiat ‘Cab Chassis’ type vehicles and not the attached AL-KO type chassis. The AL-KO chassis allows the jacks to mount between the chassis rail and the next step is to look for any obstruction between the chassis rail, directly ‘behind’ OR ‘in front’ of the rear axle. If there is a spare tyre or water tank impeding the location position of the rear jacks, then the Redfoot AutoLift system will require the individual bracket option for your installation. Contact us if you require more assistance.



Measure under chassis to ground location Obstructions between Cab chassis rail Obstructions between AL-KO chassis rail


Choosing the custom Redfoot Fiat Ducato AutoLift Levelling system is as easy as 1,2,3,4.

Step 1. Determine RV Manufacturer, year of build and model of the Fiat. E.g. Jayco Conquest, Year 2015, model Fiat Ducato-X290

Step 2. Determine the Chassis Type. E.g. Fiat Ducato ‘AL-KO’ chassis (Check your compliance plate if unsure)

Step 3. Confirm and measure the underfloor to ground clearance behind each axle as shown in the diagram below. If your measurement is above 340 mm then the AutoLift system can be installed. Contact us directly if you are unsure on your clearance measurements.


Step 4. Now compile your results from steps 1, 2 and 3 and select the appropriate Redfoot System based on the option selection drop downs above. E.g. FIAT DUCATO-Y2015-23-X290-ALKO

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification or confirmation of the custom solution for your Fiat Motorhome.


Investing in a Redfoot Fiat Ducato AufoLift Levelling system will bring years of added enjoyment and improved lifestyle with your Fiat Motorhome. The system prices are set out above. In addition to the system prices will be freight and that depends on where you live but generally ranges between $80 to $150. The Redfoot systems are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging that is boxed an placed on a skid (half pallet). This ensures every system is well protected during shipping.

The Redfoot systems can be DIY installed provided there is a good level of mechanical skills available, and access to a mechanical workshop with suitable hoists. We provide a comprehensive installation manual.

We recommend the installation is done by one of our approved installers. Not all installations are the same so a solid level of mechanical knowledge is required. Installation costs range from $1,100 at the low end and up to $1,600 at the high end. The reason they have a range is firstly because different installers have different cost structures, e.g. Sydney costsrent versus say more country areas where costs can be lower. Secondly, not all installations are the same. For example there can be existing obstructions such as water tanks, plumbing or spare tyres.  In this case they maybe extra works required to accomodate these variations. Best thing is to talk with your installer about the installation costs upon inspection or prior to quoting the job.


AutoLift front Jacks retract to the stowed postion

FIAT Ducato front jacks retracting

Fiat Ducato - Retracting rear jacks

Fiat Ducato Alko chassis - deploying rear jacks using remote

AutoLift remote control

AutoLift IGNITION ON Alarm

AutoLift 'GET UP' Stowing the jacks process using keypad in less then 1 minute

AutoLift - How to Auto Level using keypad in just over 1 minute




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